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Our group is located in Trento, a city surrounded by mountains in the north-eastern part of Italy.

Trento can be easily reached through public transport. Train lines are available to reach Trento from airports located in the Italian cities of Verona, Milan, Venice, and Rome. Daily train connections allow to reach Trento from Innsbruck (Austria) or Munich (Germany). Several international bus lines also reach Trento.

The Physics Department is located in one of the city hill suburbs (Povo) and can be easily reached from the city center by bus (line 5 and 13 -- stops "facoltĂ  scienze", "polo scientifico", or "centro civico").

(Dept. of Physics, UniTrento, Via Sommarive 14, 38123 Povo, TN)(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UniTrento, Via Sommarive 9, 38123 Povo, TN)

Suggested accomodations

Here we provide a shortlist of suggested accomodations located in the Trento city center, within 5 minutes walking distance of the train and bus station.

Trento and its surroundings

The city and its surroundings offers a variety of food and entertainment options: